Two years ago Joel Ferrer Walo first touched down in the UK having fled an economic crisis that by then had engulfed his home in Venezuela. He hoped that through his food he would be able to spread a positive message about Venezuela.

Although La Pepia was by no means the first Venezuelan food offer in the capital, it did pioneer the ‘Rainbow Arepa’.

The Arepa is a staple in Venezuela. Traditionally made from white ground 'corn' and cooked on a round griddle called 'budare'. It is a versatile dish which often contains a variety of meats, vegetables and served with cheese.

The Rainbow Arepa is La Pepia’s take on this dish. Made from the same white ground corn but blended with natural extracts from beetroot, spinach and carrot which enhance it with vibrant colours and taste. 

La Pepia offers a variety of fillings including Venezuelan chorizo, freshly grilled Halloumi, slices of avocado, seasoned black beans, lashings of green herb salsa, all of which can be topped off with our signature melted cheese blanket. 

All of La Pepia’s food is 100% gluten free and made from natural ingredients.

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