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Almost definitely the only juice bar in the world named after an R Kelly song, Bumpin' Rinds is a Maltby Street original.

Resident Juice Queen, Cecily, is here every Saturday juicing the freshest, locally-supplied fruits, veggies and aromatics to help banish even the cruelest hangover. With a passion for creating balanced flavour profiles, she believes her unique combinations can make your tastebuds party just as hard as your insides. Seasonal guest stars are in rotation alongside year-round stalwarts, all fully customisable and made to order right in front of you, ensuring the freshest and most nutritionally-dense experience possible.

If you're feeling less virtuous, there is often a seasonal hair of the dog option available too; in colder months visit for the now-legendary Spiced Apple Hot Toddy and, arriving this summer, a unique take on the holiday-inspired Piña Colada.

Top Tip: Maltby Street cult fave 'Liza Mintelli' is one of the most fragrant and refreshing green juices around, loved by as motley a crew as toddlers, yogis, marathon runners and even stag party victims.

Visit from 9 am every Saturday to detox your bodies, if not your souls!

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