Established in 2007 and made in New Zealand. Pic’s was created from the idea of making traditional great tasting peanut butter without all the nasty stuff added. We started as a small stall at the local farmers market in sunny Nelson and have grown to be the #1 selling/best-loved peanut butter in Australasia.

What sets us apart from other peanut butters is the fact that we use the highest quality, Australian grown Hi-Oleic peanuts, with no other weird junk added like sugar, palm oil, preservatives or emulsifiers.

Pic’s is an expertly crafted and fresh roasted Peanut Butter that’s premium, natural and has health benefits that no other peanut butter can offer. The Hi-Oleic peanuts offer vitamins, healthy acids, less saturated fats and the highest protein levels available in a peanut… which is just one of the many reasons why it tastes so bloody good and won so many awards.

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