Everything we sell in Maltby Street is made in our main kitchen and is 100% vegan and about 80% Lebanese, with a few recipes that have strayed in from as far away as Morocco and India.

Our staple is falafel, made with a half and half mixture of organic Turkish chickpeas and skinned fava beans (fuul), which usually comes from Australia. We send the mixture out to the market to be fried freshly and also sell falafel balls in boxed meals or as a catering ingredient.

We also make a lot of hummus, from large white Mexican chickpeas, Lebanese tahini (sesame pulp) and concentrated lemon juice, blended with ice cubes, to stop the process of grinding the chickpeas (which generates a lot of heat) spoiling the freshness of the flavours. We don’t use citric acid, unlike most producers, nor garlic, which is fine for home made hummus, but which we find can taste a little stale if it’s stored in a fridge for any length of time.

We are the only falafel business in Britain that we know that makes the pickles that traditionally go with falafel. The pink pickle is turnips pickled in water, salt and organic Norfolk cyder vinegar. We also make Amba, which Iraqis eat with falafel. Amba means mango and is an Indian green mango pickle, which may have been imported either by the Iraqi Jewish community, which had links with India, or by the British during the Mandate period. We are one of the biggest customers in London for unripe green mangoes, imported from both Asia and south and central America.

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We make tabbouleh with a large amount of parsley and only a tiny amount of burghul (cracked wheat). This is the right way round – tabbouleh should never be anything like a couscous salad.

Our salads vary according to the seasons but two available all year are salt-baked beetroot, with cinnamon and a lemon juice dressing, and cooked down spinach, decorated with preserved lemons.

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