Born out of the question “Where can I get a decent German sausage in this country?” Azi & Flo started importing homemade sausages from their family butcher they trust in the Black Forest. First they just brought back the sausages for themselves and their friends but soon started to sell at a pub in Brighton because they were so popular with everyone.

They organized open Mic nights combined with German food. At the time Azi was studying photography and Flo was a hairdresser. Their dream was to take their beloved Wurst to the UK crowd and educate them on proper German food and share the sausage love. They traveled the country catering at various festivals for 2 years.      

In 2010 they opened the first HzG on Villiers street and has been a roaring success ever since. It combines the festival spirit with quirky details and a good dose of humour.

Whenever you see a Herman, you know it’s proper German. Stands for the German Standard of quality. Independent, young & approachable; creating a hip image of Germany abroad. Herman ze German. Traditionally German. But fun.

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