Bad Brownie was started in 2013 by Paz and Morag who worked together in an office and longed to start a company together selling their favourite food - chocolate! They started in Paz's flat and did everything from making the brownies to selling them at markets in London before moving to their current kitchen in South East London. 

 Today, they sell brownies at Maltby Street market, their Canary Wharf shop, and some other markets across London and even deliver brownies all over the country through their online shop. 

 Bad Brownie have made over 350 flavours since starting including salted caramel, peanut butter, earl grey tea and even bacon & maple syrup. They make enough brownies every week that if stacked end to end they would be taller the The Shard - all in their mission of world domination by brownie!

 Bad Brownie are at Maltby Street market every Saturday and Sunday with a selection of 7 flavours including vegan and gluten free options and are the perfect snack, dessert or takeaway dinner party gift.

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